Ukulele Skills Lab

Ukulele Skills Lab – Online
Each session in this 4 week online course for beginners who wish to become intermediate, we will play 3 songs to learn:
1x strumming pattern
1x picking pattern
1x riff

This is Ukulele Bootcamp. Fast paced and skills orientated – not recommended for brand new beginners. A basic knowledge of chords is expected.

There are currently no classes scheduled for Term 3 2021. Please email if you are interested in this class in Term 4. Otherwise, the new Ukulele Literacy class may be of interest.

“I enjoy being a ukulele player. During 2020, while working from home, it gave me something positive to focus on, a personal challenge as I strived to play with some degree of confidence. Access from home makes it easier to include lessons in my work schedule, no travelling, less stress while a great opportunity to learn from an experienced teacher.” Susan Hall. January 2021.