Classical Ukulele Ensemble

This is an instrumental ukulele ensemble that meets in person, playing music from many eras and genres.

We play everything from Western Art Music (Classical) to World and Folk pieces that are arranged for two and three parts. Greensleeves, Chariots of Fire and Christmas carols are among the ensemble’s favourites.

You don’t need to read music. This group is taught using a notation system called TAB, which I will teach you. It’s a simple and accessible system to learn.

All experience levels are welcome.

There are both High and Low G parts.
This group performs at Unstrung Music showcases and may be called on to perform publicly.

Listen to a sample audio recording of one of our pieces.

Currently due to venue and pandemic issues, this group is on hold.

Feedback form question: What have you enjoyed about the Friday sessions? “Learning new skills. Having fun. Sharing experience with others. Relaxing. Having goals during lockdown that tick the creativity box.” Anonymous participant following the Online Ukulele Jam Course for beginners. 23/5/2020